Summer Reading at KPL

Summertime and the Reading is Easy!

Summertime and the Reading is Easy with your friends at the Keene Public Library!

There’s Still Time For Fun This Summer At The Library

There’s still time to join the summer reading program.  So far 51 kids have joined and recorded 481 hours of reading.  Everyone that joins receives a free books of his or her choice and there are plenty of other opportunities to win books or other prizes throughout the program.  You can sign up online at  Don’t miss the fun . . . join now!

Mark down this date, Thursday, August 18.  It’s the date of our end-of-summer reading and sumemr fun party.  It’s a Teen and Tween Ice-cream Float & Sundae Social and it will be held at 3 pm.  At the party, we would love to hear your ideas for programs and activities for the school year.  Share your good ideas!

What’s good books have you read lately? 

Right now, I’m reading Alis by Naomi Rich.  It’s a complex fantasy about a strict religious communtiy.  I haven’t read enough of it yet to tell if I like it or not.  What are you reading?

Hey, did you know that you could win lots of cool prizes just for reading?  You can at the Keene Public Library.  Sign up at the library or online.  If you aren’t sure about reading, you might want to watch this really cool video

We would love it if you tried something new this summer.  Us librarians can help you find a good book to read.  But if you have to read a book for school, that’s okay too!  We’ve posted a few summer reading lists from local schools online.  We’ve ordered multiple copies.  I’ve looked these lists over and there are lots of really good books there.  Remember, you can count required reading in our summer reading program too.  The more you read this summer, the more prizes (and books) you’ll get from the Keene Public Library.


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