There’s a New Jason in town and his name is Michael


My name is Michael Soldati, I’m one of the two new AmeriCorps Vista Members at the Keene Public Library. The other Vista member is Dan Petit, the new Homework assistant. I on the other hand will be working as your local gaming coordinator, though as you can see that isn’t all that I do. I’ve taken over this blog, so that I might bring YOU, the youth of the Monadnock region, YOU our leaders of tomorrow, YOU our Ben Kinobi- our only hope, a little more excitement at your local library. I find myself in the very slow process of getting to know you all. However, I’ve met a few:

-Kyle- Editor of The Teen Zine, Web Designer, Photographer

Cheyenne- Co-editor of The Teen Zine, Pink Hair

-Mitch- Comic Master and Film Actor

-Katelyn- Fellow Runaway, Adventurer, Music Lover

-Sam- Video Game & Film Enthusiast, Lover of Life

-Alex- Favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character: Kirby, kicks butt daily

-Shawn- Plays Hide and Seek

-Kate- Expert Duct Tape Craftsmen, Likes Dinosaurs, Fav. SSB Brawl Character: Pikachu

-Molly- Loves Mario Kart Wii, Favorite Map: Star Road, can do reverse mode with Wii Wheel easily

-Galen- Rockin’ the space ship chair, loving life, cool cat

Also The Green Keene Teens- proactive independent teenage community focused group


Anyways ,Dan and I have just set up shop here and we are totally here for you guys.

If you’ve got any and I mean ANY comments, questions, ideas, critiques, observations, anecdotes, jokes, dreams or suggestions just let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to make the most out of it.

I’ll also be using this blog to post everything that we’ve been up to here, from the most exciting and important things you could ever imagine in your wildest of dreams to the most trivial and boring. Not to worry however, for I can assure you that I will never, ever post anything that does not elicit anything but the deepest of celebrations in your heart and soul. This is my sworn duty.

And so without further ado:

Today Dan and I

-read our YA Manuals in our Library binders

-ate lunch

-fixed the VCR

-took stock of all of the video games (VIDEO GAMES!!!!)

-moved cool old cardboard arts & crafts from the hey days of Jason and a fooseball table into Heberton Hall in a room where Snoopy lay decapitated… I kid you not.

-Talked to Cheyenne and Katelyn and someone else

-Talked to Gail about volunteering, setting up FREE!!!! concerts in Heberton Hall, Dungeons and Dragons, Anime and gave her a list of things I know you all need for your Keene Public Library Wii!!!

-Stole this web blog.

-Wrote this blog.

-Wrote that sentence.

-Wrote this sentence….

-That’s it.

Anyways I’m going to sign off for now but I’ll see you all (actually I probably won’t see you because this is the internet and we’re not actually talking face to face or talking at all or… I digress) tomorrow!


Your Vista,

Michael M. Soldati


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