G I Don’t know my rights

Hello everybody!

Slow day as the week is winding down, not to mention rain.  However, the Library, like say, Batman, never sleeps.  Anyways.  Dan and I spent the morning doing some research for you guys (I’m reading up on my D&D to get ready for D&D night on Thursday August 13th 4pm-8pm), and we talked to Gail about some ways we can appropriately use the library in more productive ways for youth.

Then during our weekly children’s film “Chicken Little” Dustin and I sat down and talked about an idea he had for a “Know Your Rights” Civil Liberties workshop.  We’re thinking of bringing in people that work with the law in different ways, for example: your state representatives here in town which represent each and everyone of us (even if you’re under 18- you’ve still got a voice!) and work to make new policies at the state house of representatives, city council members who directly effect the policies and ordinances right here in town (you can attend city council meetings regardless of age, including the next meeting on Thursday August 6 from 7pm-8:30pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Main St.), Police officers who directly serve the citizens through the enforcement of the law, and lawyers whom provide advice and assistance in all matters of law as well as representing clients in a court of law.  We’ll be bringing in these professional law-makers, enforcers and defenders to help teach all you young people just exactly what your rights are so you can protect yourself and have a greater hand in changing your local, state and national policies and laws for the better through the power of knowledge!  We’re discussing Friday September 25th as a tentative date, but let us know if there are better times, if you’d like anything in particular discussed or know anyone that might be able to come give a talk.  I’ve posted some videos below about getting in the know.  Also here is a blog dedicated to spreading awareness of your rights under the law with people under the age of 21 in a way that applies more closely with your own lives http://my5th.org/blog/.  So don’t settle for your government class glancing over the constitution and the bill of rights only once or twice, get in the know.  Knowledge is power, and just like GI Joe said “Knowing is half the battle!”

….. Ok… so you probably already knew that you shouldn’t go hide in fridges, because they’re probably really cold, and if they aren’t they’re probably really smelly…  so don’t hide in fridges because you’d probably never learn your rights and “knowing is half the battle!”   Right? Right? 

………..Well anyways you get the point, here’s some cool videos about your rights.  Michael Soldati Signing off.

 And The Clash!


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