Gaming in Your Local Library?!

Hello Everyone,

Back for more I see, couldn’t get enough, wasting away all weekend long just waiting for our next post.  Well never fear, the blog post is here!

So its 7:11 pm as I’m writing this, Gail wants me to track how long it takes to write a blog.

Anywho.  Today I talked to Gail about Heberton Hall.  Apparently they’ve got a lot of long range planning already under way. And in talking to our Director, Nancy, I found out that to make the building operational (primary costs: Elevator and sprinkler systems installation) it would take over $500,000…  Whoa…  Well people have said it can’t be done, but baby I can hack it!  …it just might take awhile.  Well there are a lot of codes that the building has to meet, not to mention the historic society and then there’s-  oh look at me gettin’ away with myself.  No worries, I’ll be diving into the heart of all this beau racy and find for you the most salient of points.  I will also be starting a virtual tour of the building so you can see the insides and out of the entire building without ever having to leave your home, come here, get permission and a chaperone, get the keys, unlock the doors, wander in aimless wonder at the building then lock the doors, return the keys and the chaperone and the permission, leave here and go back home.  Anyways.

Gail and I also talked about developing our music library more and/or developing a video game library.  We’re not sure what we’d like to start on first, so if you’ve got any input as to which library you’d like to see developed more, or if you have any recommendations for additional resources (movies, books, video games, music, etc.) leave us a comment and perhaps you’ll see it at a library nearest you (us- the library- in Keene- New Hampshire).

Next I started working on the new YA posters for the YA section.  I guarantee it will be to die for.  Well one of them will.  The other will be more pharmaceutical.  You’ll just have to stop by and check them out.

Then Alex swung by and unfortunately today was his last day in town before he goes back to Texas, which of course means that he would miss our video game day (Wednesday, this Wednesday, you should really come, you know you want to) so we broke out the Wii and played some WiiPlay and some Guitar Hero World Tour.  We talked about a potential video game library and how his public library back home in Texas was not as cool as ours (which is completely understandable because I mean this is the coolest Library in the Country, unfortunately only #4 in the world) but he said if they offered video games in his library he would totally go more often, and might even check out something called a “book.”  I didn’t really know what he was talking about.  Anyways it seems like a plan.  So I went online and google searched for video games in libraries and I found a great blog site and they even went on to offer an online youtube class in Gaming in Libraries, which I have now begun taking and will continue to take.  You can find all the classes at 

So I’ll keep you up to date on what I find out about gaming in Libraries, and hopefully maybe we can have some more gaming programming in the library in the future.

Then I went and talked to Nancy about Heberton Hall some more and finally came here to do my blog.  It is 7:35pm having spent a total of 24 minutes blogging I, Michael M. Soldati, am now signing off for the evening.  Good Night!


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