Saving Green and Spending Green

Hello everybody!

So today Dan and I were extremely fortunate to be able to sit in on the Green Keene Teens board meeting and boy do they have a lot going on.  There were 14 attendees at the meeting including Lucy the President, Elisha the Vice-President, Mina the Membership Director, Laura the Treasurer, Joe Mass from Cheshire TV and Lisa Richards a local farmer and fellow blogger on her local green eating blogsite check it out.  Anyways we talked about their August 11th event here at the Keene Public Library down in the Kay Fox Room, which you should swing by for by the way, as well as their August 15th Faerie house building for Stonewall Farm, where they will also be volunteering at throughout the year.  Next they discussed the filming of a commercial to get the word out there about all the cool Green Keene Teens in town and their mission.  You can check them out online at or you can stop by for their next meeting on August 18th @ noon in the Trustees Room on the second floor of the Keene Public Library.  I also told them (and I’ll tell you all now) about a youth conference going on in the next week or so, just over the border in Williamsville, VT.  It’s called Summer’s End and they’re all about Youth Empowerment and mobilization, young people from 14 to 22 from all over the country will be there so it will be a great opportunity to get involved, network and get to see what youth across the nation are doing to make this world a better place for themselves and the communities around them.   Call Mags (a friend of mine, tell her Soldati sent you) at 603-521-2368.  If you end up stopping by this weekend you might actually see me, your local Vista Volunteer, but if you don’t see me you might see a zany friend of mine by the name of Zackie, tell him I say hello.  So hopefully the Green Keene Teens will be sending someone to go (or maybe you could go), because it is a huge event August 6th-13th and definitely worth a trip to VT, if you’re into leadership or I don’t know, saving the world.


After that Gail and I went to the store and guess what we did.

No really guess.


Ok… we bought VIDEO GAMES!!!!  Now I know you’re thinking “But Michael, we’ve all played video games before, nothing new there, why all the fuss?”  To which I’d reply “Dear friends, we stand on a cliff, nay, a precipice, overlooking the world of virtual reality, and today I have taken a small step for myself a man, and yet a giant leap off of that precipice for all of humankind when I, Michael Morgan Soldati, played Wii Sports Resort.  Yes I know it sounds crazy, but I had to do it, it was unavoidable, totally and utterly unavoidable.  And.  Dear Friends.  It’s awesome…  Thank you, thank you.”

Honestly though I was taken aback by how righteously cool this game was.  It makes use of some new Wii technology called the Wii Motion Plus which taps into the bottom of the Wiimote and can be used in conjunction with the nunchuck.  Now what pray tell does it do?  Well I’ll tell you.  This one inch cube will allow a greater ratio of movement in terms of your corresponding virtual self.  So instead of generalized hand motions, the Wiimote with the Wii Motion Plus can now more or less mimic exactly what you are doing.  Seriously you need to stop by tomorrow at Get Your Game On down in the Auditorium from 3pm to 6pm and play the sword fighting game.  It’s probably one of the greatest video game experiences of my life.

Some other things we picked up include Super Smash Brothers Brawl (my favorite characters are Ness, Zero Suit Samus and Lucario- how about you?)  We now have two more nunchucks so everyone can play however they like, and Mario Kart Wii complete with four Wii Wheels!  We also purchased some Wiipoints to be spent online; I’ve got some ideas for games to purchase from both Wii Ware (downloadable games designed for the Wii) and the Virtual Console (games from Nintendo and Sega’s back catalog of consoles as well as some others).

I’ll be posting a poll of all the games we’re considering here on the blog and you guys can weigh in and the most popular will be purchased.

Finally I took another look around Heberton Hall today with Joe and Ernie from Cheshire TV.  I keep finding new things in the building, today we found a trap door that lead to a pit that probably falls down right next to Heberton Hall, hopefully I’ll get myself stuck down there for a bit and explore.  I’m going to be putting together a virtual tour that everyone can take of the building, which would include both a historical content version as well as a current and future plans/needs version.


One thought on “Saving Green and Spending Green

  1. Nice blog Michael! Thanks for giving us a shout out on here. I hope you got my blog I sent off yesterday…? I really hope I can go to Summer’s End. It sound spectacular!

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