Green Keene Teens: Green Tip #1

Hey all,

Lucy, the President of Green Keene Teens wrote up and sent me this Green Tip for you all.  It’s quite informative and the video is pretty funny too!

Junk Mail, Stop IT!

Junk Mail is a hassle. It arrives every single day in your mailbox. You get ads and letters telling you that you’ve won, or need to renew, or get a free ipod if you buy X amount of this!

Who needs all that paper you don’t even look at in the first place? Can you believe that over 100 million trees are cut down annually to distribute junk mail in the United States? And that is only the US! So please instead of just throwing away your junk mail use it in different ways. Reuse or refuse it make to make something new. Or stop the madness for good by visiting this website and signing up to becoming junk mail free!

On a lighter note, you should now watch this video

About the junk mail that comes into your house. Though your paper may not talk to you, I think you’ll get the point. If there are any Seinfeld fans in the audience, then you will be happy to know that the mother in the video is Heidi Swedberg (or Susan, George’s girlfriend). And the boy waiting for his college acceptance letter is Tosh Siversten, who is the co-author of a great book for teens becoming green called Generation Green. Check out the book’s website


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