Roly Poly Polling

So today I’ve got some polls for you all to take.  We’re looking exclusively at the Wii’s online downloadable content.  Which as you may or may not know is separated into three general categories: Wiiware- downloadable third party content designed specifically for the Wii, The Virtual Console- which offers a selection of games for downloading from Nintendo, Sega and more’s back catalog of video games (IE: SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, etc.) and Downloadable Channels like Nintendo’s Internet Server.  You can find more info about all of these downloads at for Virtual Console games and here for Wii Ware games.  Then you can take our poll below and let us know what you’d like to see most at your Local Keene Public Library

Also I don’t know if you heard or not but we’ve got a D&D night this Thursday the 13th Evening of August from 4pm to 8pm, which you should definitely come to.  “But Gee Michael I’d love to come and support you and the library but I just plain don’t have fun when I play D&D and/or have never played before and not very interested in.”

Not to worry friend!

It’s really more of a TableTop Night, or if you read my last blog or watched the video on “What Are Games?” you’d know that what I’m really talking about is Analog games, (compared to your digital games) so this Thursday will be more of an Analog Gaming Night…

See Ya’ll Later,

Michael Soldati

Psssst! Analog games/tabletop games are any kind of card or board games basically any kind of game you could play that wasn’t a computer game or video game… Just watch the video…


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