The Monday 500

And we’re back!

Michael has started off just a hair ahead Dan but as the morning progresses Dan’s not far behind.  and OH it’s a midday meeting with Andy Bohanan from the Rec. Department and Dan makes a power play for the lead, Michael tries to head him off but MANY Options comes in from behind and takes over the Trustees Room effectively short circuiting the meeting and Michael’s chances of taking the lead before lunch.  As the two get ready for their midday victuals it’s a corporate vs. local battle, oh here they go folks making their move as oh my goodness Soldati crashes and burns helping out a patron with Facebook interactions as Dan makes it to his local Wendy’s.  Finally now Michael making a comeback sits down to his peanut butter sandwich as Dan’s already making a break for the office.  He’s really running circles around that guy.

Gee I feel really bad for Michael John

So do I Tom so do I.  Oh and here we go again folks, mid-afternoon lull settling in as Dan starts work on his Grant Proposal and Michael takes his online class about Video Games in Libraries.  Whose it gonna be Tom?

Gee I’m not really sure John.

Oh and it’s DAN!!! Dan Petit by a lying Pinocchio nose!  Soldati’s still in the office, now he’s drinking some iced tea to catch his second wind, finishing up with online class for the day and posting his blog.  I haven’t seen a competition like this since I came into work this morning.

Gee neither have I John.

Finally Soldati’s coming to a close…  It’s a video on Video Games in Libraries, what could be more exciting than Libraries AND Video Games?!

Gee I don’t know John.

Neither do I Tom, neither do I.

Oh John.

Yes Tom?

I won.


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