Communication Goes a Long Way

So today we had our last bi-weekly anime day for the summer.  Of which only one person came, not including me.  Am I disheartened?  Not necessarily.  It strikes me that perhaps one of our biggest problems in terms of youth programming is a lack of communication.  Some unfortunate individuals came down to the auditorium fully expecting us to have the Wii out.  And perhaps rightly so as the Wii is in some ways more popular or rather more universal than anime is in this country or more specifically this area, the Monadnock Region.  And therefore people turned away because the programming did not fit them.  And the anime community did not turn out, I think, because they simply did not know.  How can we solve this?  In advertising in the library we might capture our already somewhat captive audience.  But I think we want more than that.  So I’ve an idea to start an e-mailing list.  Simple I know, but it will only work if: A) you give me your e-mail address, B) you read the e-mails I send out and C) you actually respond to some of the questions.  Because if you respond to my questions I.E. what’s your favorite video game/movie/manga/anime/book/etc. I can help make it possible for you to be able to find and utilize those resources in a way that is simple, easy and fun.  So my e-mail is msoldati  [at]  What’s yours?

Oh by the way, I don’t know if you’re a fan of Facebook but if you are you could also be a fan on Facebook on our Facebook Fanpage <—- So just click right there and check us out. Make friends, leave comments like you do.

That’s all folks!  Now I’m off to Toy City to check out one of their two weekly gaming nights- Wednesdays 6pm-11pm and Saturdays 6pm-11pm b-the-dubs.  Ciao!

-Michael M. Soldati


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