Tag you’re IT!


Hottest day of the year today, though then I wondered, how did they know that?  Maybe tomorrow will be hotter.

Anyway I went to a day training for CATCH Coordinated Approach To Child Health we ate healthily and played tag like games, which was a lot of fun.  Now most of these games were geared towards the elementary age range.  But after running around for 5 hours I wonder when the last time I played tag was.  When was the last time you played tag?  Or hide-and-go-seek?  Or Capture the Flag?  Sometime in the Middle School years, we all seem to get the idea that these are “Children’s” games.  “Kids” games.  Sorry I won’t play because I [unlike a child] am an adult.  We feel a need to distance ourselves from those years and yet, I have to wonder, why?  Having a hard time getting back on that treadmill?  Going for a run?  Pulling out the old ab flexor or other exercise doodad you’ve no doubt accumulated over the years?  Why not just ask some friends to play tag?  It’s healthy, which I hear is very in style these days, and its fun, which who doesn’t like fun?  Unfortunately for a lot of us I think in our ascent to adulthood and maturity and all the cool freedoms it involves we’ve lost our ability to play.  That’s why we’ve got bored teenagers loitering around the halls of the libraries, we’ve taught them that they should be adults, and we’ve told them if they want to be a grown-up with all its freedoms and responsibilities they need to throw out the child’s play, which I think is quite dangerous.  I’m 23 and I still need to play, whether it’s theatre and dance or digital and analog games, I need to play, because I need to move and exercise and think and plan.  I don’t like working, which is why I’m very happy here at the library because my “job” consists of play, how to play, how to make play more fun, and how to make play a more consistent and self-sustaining part of our lives.  They say do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Well so far I’m pretty lucky because after 20 years of school work I’ve finally got the chance to play for pay.

-Michael M. Soldati

PS: here’s how Kyle likes to play



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