You missed it :(


You missed it.

The Ice Cream Social.

You missed it.

I thought I told you.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was there, and we were all wondering where you were.  Even Jason showed up.

I guess you must have just forgotten that the most amazing event of the year was today, and I’m not even just talking about the most amazing event of the year at the Keene Public Library in Keene, New Hampshire, no, I’m talking about the most amazing event of the year in the entirety of the universe.  The celestial event of Sagittarius moving into Jupiter this evening and therefore causing the eventual Tsunami on the 27th of August 2009 off the coast of Indonesia was by and large a less spectacular event than today’s Ice Cream and Float Social.

But don’t worry about it.  It’s cool.

Anyway (not anyways) wanted to let you all know that tomorrow night from 4pm to 8pm is our table top game night down in the Kay Fox Room in the Basement, which I’m sure you’ll all be there having missed the ice cream social.  Some of us will be playing Magic: The Gathering (We have some cards but BRING YOUR OWN IF YOU HAVE SOME, maybe we can trade) right at 4pm and then playing our D&D campaign at 5pm when some other folks arrive.  We’ll also have a slew of games out for everyone to play if they like.  And maybe a VIDEO GAME or two will make an appearance… maybe.  If I feel like it.

Which, speaking of video games, not sure if you noticed our polls *cough *you didn’t* *cough cough* sorry I must be coming down with something.  Anyway we went ahead and bought World of Goo, Clay Fighter, Mario Bros. 3 and Bomberman Blast online so we can all play those games in addition to our regular Wii games.

That’s it for tonight; I hope to see you all tomorrow!


         Michael M. Soldati


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