It was a Good Day

Hello all,

A great week we’ve had eh?  Ice Cream Social, Game Night, Virtual tour of Heberton Hall and then…. What?  Oh I didn’t tell you?  We’ve begun working on a virtual tour of Heberton Hall and today was our first day of shooting.  Oh it was tremendous I tell you, I mean we saw everything, every corner and closet and whatever else that’s in there.  Truly amazing.  Also I stopped by Comic Boom today and made myself known.  They’ve got a great selection of Magic Cards and D&D stuff over there, maybe if something peaks your interest you could let us know.  I mean you’re the ones with the good taste right?  Let us know what other games or comic books you guys are into, and maybe if we like you enough we might get it.  Ha just kidding, we love you guys.  Anyway that’s enough for this week; rumor round the street is that you youngsters are heading off to school next week.  Maybe around Wednesday?  Hmm well maybe Dan and I will have to stop in and give an appearance with pyrotechnics and magicians and… Nah you guys wouldn’t be into that anyway.  I guess we’ll just bring our regular old selves or something and kick butt in your very own local Keene High or Middle school, depending upon who’s nicest to us, and gives us snacks, it’s the least you could do after eating all of our library snacks.


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