We Now Return You to Your Regular Broadcast

Hey everyone!

So lot’s of updates for you all.

First, we’ve just put up a brand new poster and calendar in the Young Adult section, that way you get some much needed info about what’s going on here at KPL including a little thing I call Youth Empowerment.  Oh and don’t forget the survey, that lets us help you out in even more ways than we do already.  PS: the link I’ve posted on the poster can be found here.

Second, we’ve extended our game night so instead of 4pm-8pm we’ll be there from 3pm-8pm for a whole 5 hours of gaming!  Last week we had 16 people come and play and we even got a Warhammer group to come and join in the fun!  Join us this week, where we’ll be playing some Wii in addition to all of our usual board games.    And as always- SNACKS!

Third Dan and I have been passing out flyers for the past few days about our upcoming event on September 12th.  Maybe you’ve heard something?  Well if you haven’t let me tell you, the Digital Bookmobile will be coming into town that day with Junie B. Jones.  We’re offering free book downloads here at the library and the Digital Bookmobile is coming to help us kick things off.  You can access these free downloads via Overdrive right here at KPL.

Fourth, school started for some people, but I don’t know who they are, I mean I don’t go to school, but hey, that’s a real bummer man…  Or, is it?  School’s back in session for everyone now, people bustling along, running to class, sports practice, auditions and rehearsals, homework, more practice, field trips, recess… the list goes on.  But while all that’s going on, I just don’t want you all to forget little old Keene Public Library- we’re hipper than you think. 


You don’t think so?

Well you know what…. WAHBAAAM!!

 Movie night.

That’s right that just happened.  Wednesday.

So what’cha gonna do about it?



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