Revelations 10-9

Where to start?  Big day today.  Long day today.

So we’ve been talking about starting up our movie series again on Wednesdays.  So stick around and maybe that’ll happen soon, like tomorrow or next week or something.

What did I do today?  Well I watched some more of which is absolutely riveting each time I watch, more info than I could ever hold in my hand, at a single moment, honestly.  Got some tips on how to better do our game days, so we’ll be playing with a few ideas over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.  After that I read up on my D&D because our DM might be out this week, which no worries we’ll be fine for Thursday, but it made me realize I need to know just as much as he does about how these things operate.  From there I did a little more research on Heberton Hall, we’ll be bringing in some people that can offer some of their first and second hand experience of the building for the virtual tour.

I also talked to Gail today and come to find out I’m not just the gaming and technologies expert for the library, but for the community as a whole!  I guess that means I must be the gaming and technologies expert at the Keene Public Library, I mean where better to serve my community but at the coolest spot in town and all for free (and therefore cool).  Well it was at least a big moment for me.  I also sat down with some of the young adults here and learned two new games: Ticket to Ride (which is pretty awesome I must say, plus I won!)  and Stratego.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “Michael you don’t know Stratego?!” 

I know, I know… I was deprived as a child, clearly.

But yes I had never played, and beginners luck stated that I should therefore win, and would have if a certain someone’s mom didn’t come and pick them up… I’ll get you next time someone. NEXT TIME!

It’s from Inspector Gadget… What?  You don’t know Inspe…

We’ll talk later…


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