Moriah wants to tell you that she likes ribs. She just ate ribs, but don’t worry- I made her wash her hands. Unfortunately, that was after I high-fived her. Ewwie. I didn’t think she was serious when she told me they were “barbecue hands.” Moriah has nothing else to report today.

 Oh! I guess she does. She has just written an acrostic poem on the word “Internet” and she’s working on another poem about our topic today: Ribs.

I Love the Internet by Moriah

I Love the internet

Never will I get off the internet

The internet

End of the world if I don’t get the internet

Realistic Stuff is on the internet

No, I have to have the internet

Everybody has to Love the internet

Technology is endless on the internet


Ribs by Moriah


I Love ribs.

Baby back ribs and barbecue sauce,



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