The Bunny Man

So today’s game night went all right, overall we had 17 people again. It is a nice number but I would like to push beyond it. Tonight I’ll be sitting down with the Gamers Guild or G2 over on the KSC campus and hopefully they’ll have some ideas. I’m thinking that I’d like to organize and schedule the day a little more. Maybe a different tournament of some kind from 3pm-5pm and then a D&D campaign from 5pm-8pm. I can’t wait to get some volunteers in to help though, I love games, but man, it’s not easy.

Here’s an interesting video on video games, because we love them so much.

The video within the video halfway through this video is thought provoking from a gamer’s point of view.  Ted is a great place for “Riveting talks by remarkable people.”


        The Bunny Man


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