Monday Monday

Oh Monday, Monday.

Anyway.  I got some things done today.  We got a TWITTER account!  Maybe you’re not that excited but Twitterers seem to be slowly taking over The United States, one slightly techno-savvy person at a time.  They might get you too sometime, taking time out of your day to let everyone know what you’re doing at every time that you’re doing or thinking it.  Annoying right?  Well not anymore, we promise only the most outrageous, most informative, most entertaining tweets EVER!

 …ummm, maybe that’s a little too grandiose.  But the library will try to keep you all abreast of what we are doing throughout the day; this twitter thing is new to us too.  You can check out our twitter right over here—————————————————>

On that sidebar, I think you’ll have to scroll up a bit.  Enjoy it.

Also, I’ve started event planning for a few events I’ve been cookin’ up in this ‘ere noggin o’ mine.  Events like 

-Battle of the Bands Rock Band Tournament

-Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament

-Mario Kart Wii Tournament

-Parent Night (Bring your ma, bring your pa, then kick their butts at video games, but please, try to be nice about it- they made you).

-Seniors and Juniors Wii Sports day (a day for senior citizens and youth to come together to play games)

-Chess Tournament

-Video Game Training Day

-Gamer Empowerment and Educational workshop and Roundtable

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament will be the first of these events and will be taking place in October; we’ll be starting registration on October 1.  I’ll let you know about our prizes when we feel like it.

Oh yeah nd the Teen Advisory Group met today and kicked butts, go TAG!


      Michael M. Soldati


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