Ninja Fluxx

Today Dan and I went off to a Plus Time NH meeting for all the AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Vista Members in New Hampshire. It was nice. We got together, met new people, shared miscellaneous information about one another, and gave a cheer.  I did my cheer to the tune of “Build me up Buttercup.” Some people say I’m awesome or something, but whatever.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you all about two new games that I played today.  My friend Duncan Fletcher (we met through P.Art.Y Performances of Art by Youth; he works for Monadnock Voices for Prevention) let me borrow a game or two.  The first game is Ninja vs. Ninja.  In this game, you pit your dojo of ninjas against the other dojo’s ninjas.  I’d explain more but I think that Scott Nicholson does a better job.

Next we played a game called Fluxx in which the rules by which the game is played are constantly in “flux” as in they are constantly changing.  There are four kinds of cards in the game.  The first is the “New Rule” cards, these cards introduce a new rule into the game, and the game begins operating off of the “Basic Rule” card which is draw one and play one. Other rules include having your first played card randomly selected by another player, drawing 3 (instead of 1), or limiting the number of cards you can have in your hand.  Next are the “Action” cards. Basically, you just do whatever the card tells you to do. For example, you might draw 2 cards and have to play them immediately or trade hands with other players, or even shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile.  The next two kinds of cards are closely related. They are the “Goal” cards and the “Keeper” cards.  The “Goal” cards provide a way to win.  They might say that whoever has x amount of cards or a specific card wins but more commonly it asks for a particular pair of “Keeper” cards.  “Keeper” cards have random objects on them like sun, moon, rocket, money, dreams, cookie, toaster, etc. Often their pairing is summed up in some kind of phrase on the “Goal” cards.  For example, one is “Mushy Chocolate” for which a player must have the “Keeper” cards “Chocolate” and “Sun” in play in order to win.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Enjoy!

-Michael M. Soldati


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