Seniors join fun at Open Play Game Day

That’s right, some of our local senior citizens come out of the woodwork (actually, they came from the Keene Senior Center) to play Nintendo Wii at our wiikly Open Play Gaming Day.

They had a raucous good time, playing the Wii Sports Bowling Game. Whenever anyone bowled a strike or picked up a tough spare the entire room knew it, perhaps even the entire downstairs knew.Now, while I might consider myself a video game veteran, these veterans of life definitely know how to bowl. In his first sitting, our Keene Senior Center friend Bill got the highest score ever achieved on our Wii Sports Resort Bowling Game – a whopping 183 points. It is a heck of a lot better than I can do on the lanes or on the Wii! One woman, Jeane, after playing the Wii during our training day (we went over to the Keene Senior Center to show them what it was about before they visited us at the library) had so much fun she went out and bought her own. She had her son set it up and now she plays regularly. Sandi, director of the senior center, said that this was perfect for seniors and that it really helped them to get up and get a little physical activity. Plus, it’s fun too. Bill even made his way over to the PS2 Dance Dance Revolution game and tried his luck on one of our mats! Apparently, the “Arrow Dance,” as he called it, was a little fast for him, but he had a great time nonetheless.

Read more about this fun time, online at the Keene Sentinel.

Stay tuned for more as Keene senior citizens take over game day and have a great time doing so.


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