Calling all Writers!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Writers’ Group to Meet Every Other Tuesday at the Keene Public Library.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, there is a teen writing group at the Keene Public Library.  We meet every other Tuesday.  Join us to share what you are working on and to see what other area teens are writing. Our good friend Mitch is currently writing a thriller novella.  Erica has begun a book of poems and journal entries. 

Each Tuesday that we meet, there will be plenty of writing prompts to get you going, break that writer’s block, and start you on a lifelong enjoyment of writing.  Perhaps you might even end up working in writing as a future career.  Yes, this can all be yours and more for the small price of showing up.  We offer amazing opportunities such as a venue for you to recite or perform your work; engaging writing prompts, exercises and formats; open, honest and constructive feedback from a community of your peers; an opportunity for self-editing of your work; and the chance to work on your next literary masterpiece.  So come join us January 5th, you know we’re write!

You can find the future dates and activities for the teen writing group on the KPL online calendar.


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