Don’t Miss the Keene Moon and Star Party, Thursday Dec. 20

Take a tour of the night sky on Thursday December 20 at Ashuelot River Park on West St. The viewing will start a little after 5:00 p.m. No telescope, no problem! Amateur astronomers will be on hand to offer telescope viewing and observing tips.

And if you have a blast, you can do more stargazing with the help of the library. Did you know that you can check out a pair of Orion Astronomy Binoculars and an Orion StarBlast 4.5-inch Astronomical Telescope from the Keene Public Library? But before you check either one of these out, you will need to fill out an agreement form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian. You must agree to return the equipment on time and pay for any damage to the equipment. Most importantly, you must agree to use the equipment safely. The telescope is of manageable size, but has a relatively large optical tube. This means that the Moon and deep sky objects will show far more detail than one could see with the common “beginners” telescopes. It also has a large field of view that allows the object to stay in the eyepiece longer. The telescope was provided by the New Hampshire Astronomical Society and it is maintained by the Keene Amateur Astronomy Club. The binoculars were donated by InOMN for International Observe the Moon Night.

And if clouds are blocking are view of the moon, check out Moon Mappers at Why not do some real science online with Moon Mappers and help expand our understanding of the universe!


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