Have you read any great books lately?

The Keene Public Library wants to publish your book reviews on our website and in our teen zine.  If you’ve read a good book that you’d like to recommend please write and submit a quick review.   You’ll find a review form online.  Review forms can also be picked up in the Youth Department or printed from our website in pdf format. For helpful information on writing reviews, you might want to check out our tip sheet “Points to Ponder.”

Designed by Nicole Copple of Keene

Designed by Nicole Copple of Keene


YALS (Young Adult Library Services of New Hampshire) is now accepting nominations for New Hampshire statewide teen reader’s choice award. The Flume: NH Teen Readers’ Choice Award, created in 2005 in response to New Hampshire teens’ requests, recognizes great new books. You can nominate either fiction or nonfiction.  Consider books marketed towards teens as well as those marketed towards adults or even children if they have teen appeal. Please consider any great books you have read with publication dates from 2010-2012. If the book is part of a series, it must stand on its own. You can nominate a title on the YALS website.

After nominations close on January 25, 2013, a group of school and public librarians will choose 10 titles for a final list. In April 2014, New Hampshire teens will vote for their favorite title on the list.


New Hampshire middle school readers have an award of their own as well.  It’s called the “Isinglass Teen Award.” If you’ve read a great book that you want to nominate, please let me. You could also fill out an online review form. In April 2014, middle school readers vote on their favorite titles on a librarian created list.

But now is the time to read the current nominees.

Come April 2013 will you be an informed  voter? You can be! All you have to do is read!

Here are the 2013 Flume Nominees for High School readers. (Read now so you can vote next April!)

View the 2012-2013 Current Isinglass Reading List HERE…for Middle School Readers. (Read now so you can vote next April!)

~ Gail Zachariah


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